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In a nutshell, we professionally manage blocks of flats of all sizes and types across the UK. As members of ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents) we are 100% compliant with all statutory requirements, and remain, at all times, up to date with the latest legislation and best practice. Most importantly, we care – we have a large team of experienced, knowledgeable staff who strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible and are here to help with all of your property management needs.

  • If you are involved in building anything which has managed areas or common parts, be it a block of flats or freehold houses on an estate, we can help you. We have extensive experience of collaborating with developers to achieve a smooth transition from initial build to full occupancy. Whether it be drawing up budgets, advising on leases, setting up management companies, or anything else you need to implement, we can assist and work with you to expedite the whole process and make your life easier.

  • If you are a Freeholder you will want a managing agent who will prudently and professionally look after your investment. Look no further!

    We already manage for some of the largest freeholder investors in the UK and are very attuned to bespoke needs whether it be full compliance with rigorous reporting procedures and processes, or simply the reassurance that the blocks are being looked after with the requisite diligence and care. Equally, you may be the proud owner of a single block but are not happy with current management or are managing it yourself and have decided that professional assistance is needed.

    Whatever your needs please contact us and we will help if we possibly can.

  • If you are Director of a block Management Company your mission should be to maximise service and minimise cost. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do. Our costs are highly competitive and we don’t compromise on quality of service. You may even find that we can actually offer you more for less!

    An RTM (Right to Manage) company is a great way for leaseholders to take control of how their block is run. We have considerable experience of guiding leaseholders through the whole process of setting up a company and making it all happen - from initial correspondence to a final, smooth handover. If this interests you please speak to us.

  • If you are a leaseholder in one of our blocks this website is here to support you. You will find all sorts of information about living in a leasehold property on the Help and Advice page. You can also contact us through the website – equally, staff are in the office during working hours so you can always ring us on 01543 410 922.

    If you are not currently living in a block we manage, but have some questions about the services we could offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01543 410 922

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